About us

Introduction on what we do

Alazhar Arabic School is a non-profit Sunday School, based on values of trust, professionalism and respect for everyone who walks in our door. The school is running at Nower Hill High School for children aged 4+. We strive to deliver a very rich, organised and comprehensive curriculum via three daily sessions (Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic language).

Our aim is to implement the morals and manners of the Quran in our children’s hearts enabling our students to be proud of their Islamic religion, and fill their hearts with love for Allah (s).

Al Azhar School teaches their students how to love and live within Al Quran ethics

“”We at Alazhar school have pleasure in delivering a rich, organised and comprehensive curriculum to the next generation who are going to be our successful future Muslims; We hope that Allah(s) accepts us in his mercy and covers us with his blessings. Aameen .🙏” “

We are happy to offer special classes to young adults who study Arabic language as a subject for GSCE and A level.

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Our request to the parents is , Please invest in your child. They are the precious future for our Ummah!




We are teaching our children how to read, memorise and recite Quran according to Quran tajweed rules, teaching them the right Arabic letters and what we call in the Arabic language (Makhaarij Alhorouf). All our teachers and assistants are well qualified native Arabic speakers who have extensive experience in teaching and are able to deliver the lessons using the most effective and convenient methods for children of different ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Our aims in teaching Quran include not only memorising and reading, but also learning the meanings of verses thereby teaching our children Akhlaaq Al Quran-The Quran’s Moral Lessons. We endeavour to teach children life skills in order to empower them to handle the challenges of living in modern-day society

Islamic Studies

We are offering an in-depth curriculum of Islamic Studies which is built mainly on explaining specific Surahs (chapters) and different parts from the Quran which contain the following:

1. Akhlaaq al Quran: Al Quran’s life instructions which Allah (s) provides guidance for our actions, our relationships with others, and our lives in general.

2. The Prophets lives who are the best role models for our children.

3. Teaching the basic pillars of Islam in detail and the best way to perform them according to Al-Quran and Asunnah.

4. Teaching the right Hadeeth (Rasul Allah (s) speech) and Duaa avoiding any differentiation issues between Mazaaheb.

5. Reflecting upon the major and the important incidents in our Islamic history which has had a profound impact on Muslims until today.

Arabic Language

We are offering a chance to any child, whether they have an arabic background or not, to learn the basic skills of Arabic language through reading, writing, listening and speaking. We have a strong and rich curriculum which is suitable for children of different ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our purpose in teaching the Arabic language to our Muslim children is helping them to understand directly the meaning of the Quran and enjoy reading Allah (s) words directly without any translation.