Thank you for your interest in Al Azhar School. We are thrilled that you are considering Al Azhar as a school of choice for your children! With Allah's help and then your support, Insha'Allah, we can, together, sow the seeds of success for our young ones, giving them strong foundations in knowledge.


Pre-enrolment visit

Parents are welcome to visit the school and see us in action before confirming attendance of their children. If you would like to arrange a visit please contact us via email to arrange a suitable time.

September Enrolment

We start the school at the beginning of each academic year in September. Therefore, we hold a registration day in June prior to the commencement of the next academic year.


The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: The best gift from a father to his child is education and upbringing.

Al Azhar School provides classes for boys and girls aged 4+.
Apply Online Here

Online registration Form: A registration form must be completed to ensure your child can take up a place at the school.

Fees : Quran and Islamic Studies

Annual fees for each child are below for all lessons between 09.30 am – 1.30 pm.

- First child: £425.00 + £ 13.00 Books

- Second child: £400.00 + £ 13.00 Books

- Third child: £350.00 + £ 13.00 Books

For ease of payment, the total fees are divided into 10 equal payments of which the first 2 payments should be made on the first day, and the remaining 8 payments should be made on the 1st of each month starting 1 Nov 2018 to 1 Jun 2019.

Fees : Arabic as a subject for GSCE and A level.

Annual fees breakdown based on 39 weeks

Total price/year for each new student £ 725.00 + £ 25.00 Books

Al Azhar School encourages parents to provide additional guidance to their children at home to do their best. If we notice that the students are actually doing their best, the student will receive free lessons for the Quran lessons.